Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy!



When you become pregnant you’ll find that your health doesn’t just affect you anymore, it affects your baby to be! This makes staying healthy an even more important task and while many of your healthy habits won’t change over the course of your pregnancy there are some things to keep in mind. You’ll find that you might not be able to keep the same workout habits as your pregnancy progresses and you’ll find that cravings can be a serious threat to your diet. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind all the unique health needs that come along with being pregnant. Researching work outs, finding the right diet, and staying up-to-date on the latest health news can seem like a daunting task. However when you think about the baby growing inside you remember that’s who you’re working so hard for. You’re working for the health of your baby. Below are some ways to stay active and healthy even during your pregnancy.


If you have a partner, family members, or close friends that are there to support you, all the better. Doing things alone especially when health is involved is never easy. It’s also best to have some type of support system to help you on this journey. Working out with members of your support system will help you stay on track and stay active. As you move forward you’ll learn what kind of limitations pregnancy presents. You may not be able to do a set of burpees every morning or even a few crunches! Knowing your limitations and how to work around them is key. Be sure to listen to your body when you’re working out. That way you know what feels good and works vs what hurts and only causes you strain. Yoga is a great way to stay active while pregnant. It offers a wide variety of movements and poses that focus on breathing, stretching, and muscle building. You’ll most likely need a new workout wardrobe now that you’re working out for two! Shop at Old Navy to get amazing deals on maternity workout wear. They have great deals on active wear that includes tanks, jackets, leggings, and more. So stock up on maternity workout wear and head to the gym, or stay at home and workout.


So far we’ve learned that knowing your limitations and working out with a support system is incredibly helpful when maintaining your health during pregnancy. Another key thing to remember is your diet. Everything that you take in, your baby takes in as well. This of course doesn’t mean that you won’t succumb to the occasional temptation. Many women experience intense cravings during their pregnancies and there’s sometimes nothing you can do to avoid them. Again a supportive partner or friend can help you stay motivated in your task of tending to your health and the health of your growing child. Find healthy options for each one of your cravings, something that’ll satisfy the urge without totally giving into temptation. A great place to get healthy foods is at Whole Foods! This may mean purchasing a low fat option or your favorite dish without all that salt. It’s also important to be forgiving with yourself. One cookie isn’t going to hurt! You can’t expect yourself not to eat the things you enjoy, especially during your pregnancy when so many women crave comfort. Be forgiving and kind to yourself, it’s all part of the journey. One bad day isn’t going to erase all of your hard work, remember to stay focused and keep moving forward.


After the baby is born and your new family is at home, your health journey continues. Breastfeeding and discovering which options are best for you is a critical part of this next step. While many women are able to breastfeed during the first few weeks it can become more difficult as time goes on. That’s why it’s great to buy a breast pump from Babies R Us. There you’ll find amazing deals on everything you need for your postpartum health journey.


Hopefully you’ve found this information helpful. Remember to take advantage of support systems, finding workouts that work with you not against you, and maintain a healthy diet.